Contributing Editors Meet the Rest of Our Editorial Team!

Bob Pyke Jr., RN, CPNP Bob contributes periodic expert editorials to the OJNI!

Bob Pyke Jr., RN, CPNP is a RN, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and a technical consultant with experience in healthcare management. His interests include Ambulatory Care, Chronic Care, Home Health Care and Case Management, Managed Care, Pediatrics, Health Informatics, E-Health, Distance Education, International Health, Humanization Relief and International Pediatrics.

Bob is co-administrator of the Telehealth Professional Discussion List serve and the E-Health Professional Discussion List serve. He is also the assistant editor of the Telehealth News Letter, and a constant observer and writer focused on the use of technology in health care today.

Visit Bob's Blog at for News, information, dissemination, promotion, comments and discussion on and about national and international e-health/telehealth and related issues and items. Edited by Bob Pyke and his band of cyber brothers and sisters...

In real life he is adoptive father of a son from Korea and a daughter from Nepal. In his spare time, he tries to travel back to Asia to escort children to spend time with their families. He is also a professional clown and is AKA, Dr. Denton Fender.

Robert Eager, BSN Robert contributes periodic expert editorials to the OJNI!

Mr. Eager has a Diploma of Computing and a Bachelor of Nursing degree and plans to start on a Masters program in the area of informatics. He has been involved in computer education for nurses and is currently involved in a clinical information systems development role and works as a Health Assessor at International SOS.

Dr. Sookyung Hyun Sookyung contributes periodic expert editorials to the OJNI!

Dr. Hyun is an Assistant Professor at Ohio State University in the College of Nursing. Dr. Hyun earned a Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Nursing from Seoul National University and a PhD in Nursing Science from Columbia University.

"My research focus is to develop and validate informatics methods in the area of nursing and health informatics for supporting quality of care. My research experience includes controlled terminology and clinical document ontology, natural language processing on nursing data, and user-centered design and evaluation of electronic nursing documentation system. "