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Barbara Smith, MS RN Barbara helps us create flawless journal editions

Curricular Integration Support Specialist
Archetype Innovations LLC, creators of Neehr Perfect

Barbara Smith began her nursing education with an Associate's degree from OSU-OKC in Oklahoma. She earned a Bachelor's degree through the first online RN-BSN program at SWOSU in Oklahoma. then she earned a Master's degree through an online program in Nursing Education, with an emphasis on Informatics, at OUHSC in Oklahoma. She has worked in NICU, surgery, hospice, and home care. It was during her graduate education that she became fascinated with informatics and its impact on nursing education and nursing practice. With a graduate degree and the emphasis on informatics, she took a teaching position at a community college that was leading the way in using technology to educate nursing students in rural Oklahoma. Her role as an instructor included teaching Fundamentals, Adult Health, OB/Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Informatics, skills, simulation, and clinical. When the school purchased an educational EHR, she had no idea she would one day be working with its creators. After nearly 12 years of nursing practice she found a new place in nursing. She is now employed by, and part of, the Neehr Perfect team. Instead of teaching students, she teaches and collaborates with faculty across the country on how to use an educational EHR, implement it in their curriculum, and make the EHR a success. She continues to do adjunct work as a clinical instructor for first year nursing students and some consultant work on the side.

Barbara believes that nursing is diverse and ever changing. That the "way it's always been done" is no longer an excuse as we expand our knowledge, build on what exists and discover what's new. She believes in the technology in nursing, but also believes in the standards of practice and the simple act of caring as being the basis for all that nurses do.

Lisa Stovel-Rolle, RN, BSN, MSN, Ed. C, CM Lisa helps us create flawless journal editions

Lisa Stovel-RolleLisa Stovel-Rolle began her nursing career over 25 years ago. She earned her BSN degree from The College of The Bahamas, and her Masters degree from Walden University, with specialization in Nursing Informatics. Lisa also received a Post-Maters certificate in nursing education from Drexel University and certification in professional management at James Madison University. She is currently deployed at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, The Bahamas where she works as a nurse educator in the Continuing Nursing Education department. Her professional work experiences have been very diverse, including: Chairperson of the Education and Research committee of The National Nurses' Association, Parish nursing, employment as an adjunct instructor in Anatomy and Physiology at a local technical and vocational institute, and CPR/First Aid Programs for adult learners at a community college. Lisa will be pursuing her Doctor of Education degree with a concentration in instructional technology and distance education.

Toni A. Eason, DNP, MS, APHN-BC Toni helps us create flawless journal editions

Toni A. Eason DNP, MS, APHN-BC received her BSN from Howard University and her MS from the University of Maryland. Her master's degree specialty training focused on both- Community and Public Health and Health Policy. She then pursued her Doctorate degree from Rush University, with a focus on Leadership and the Business of Health Care. Dr. Eason later obtained a Post-Master's Certificate in Nursing Informatics from Walden University. Her work experiences have been diverse, including: informatics, healthy policy development, managed care, international health, geriatrics, public health, occupational health, home health care, administration, and education.

Paula A. Lane Paula helps us create flawless journal editions

A proofreader, copy editor and writer by trade, I am always looking for the error on every e-mail I receive, menu I peruse or web site I visit. My solid communications background coupled with exceptional copywriting, editing and proofreading skills and knowledge of pharmaceutical, publishing, marketing and newspaper industries has allowed me to work exclusively as a freelance editor and proofreader for the past four years.

I enjoy this work immensely; however, I am in the midst of furthering my education and changing careers. I am in the process of obtaining my BSN at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. Completion of the nursing program at William Paterson University will allow me to explore nursing opportunities in areas that lack access to proper healthcare in the state of New Jersey and beyond. It is my hope that in the future I will combine my love of writing and editing with my newfound nursing knowledge and write and publish articles, either in nursing journals, online publications or hospital magazines and newspapers.

Angela Pettit, BA, MA Angela helps us create flawless journal editions

Angela PettitAngela Gianoglio Pettitt is an instructor of English at Penn State University, Shenango Campus and is director of the campus Learning Center. She teaches composition and American Studies courses, using her dual background in journalism and cultural studies to emphasize current events and ideological construction in her classes.

Before joining the faculty at Penn State, Angela spent eight years as an adjunct instructor in English, American Studies, and journalism at her undergraduate alma mater, Youngstown State University. She also spent four years as a copy editor at the Tribune Chronicle in Warren, Ohio where she layed out pages and edited copy for all sections of the paper, as well as wrote occasional feature stories. She also tutored inner-city high school students as part of the college-prep Upward Bound program, and she currently volunteers at the Youngstown Historical Center of Industry & Labor, giving museum tours on this steel-making history of Ohio's Mahoning Valley.

Angela received her BA in journalism from YSU and went on to Bowling Green State University where she earned a master's in American Culture Studies. After grad school, she returned home to Youngstown, Ohio, where she lives with her husband and son.

Monica Keys, RN, BSN, MSN Monica helps us create flawless journal editions

With over 20 years of experience in health care marketing, Monica has transitioned her experience into her more recent career as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. Writing, editing and proofreading publications and materials for many top Fortune 500 companies in our nation, Monica brings a diverse background to our journal.

She was on the scene when the Macintosh computers revolutionized our world in 1984, being one of the first operators in Louisville, KY then. She continued to consult and advise companies how to best synergize their resources of equipment, software, people and intelligent property and serves as an informatics leader for health care professionals in the hospital setting.

With degrees in business and nursing as well as a certification in critical care, Monica looks for the best way to deliver our messages and content to our readers in a way that is concise and interesting. As a published writer, Monica appreciates the volunteer work of contributing to this journal for all to benefit.

Amy Bild, RN, BSN, BJ Amy helps us create flawless journal editions

Amy BildAmy Bild is currently a graduate student and attends the University of Kansas, seeking a Master's degree in nursing informatics. She is employed as a clinical informatics and support educator at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. Prior to her role at Harborview Medical Center, Bild was a staff nurse on an adult medical services floor at University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. Bild also holds a Bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, and previously worked as a communications specialist for Primaris, a Medicare-designated Quality Improvement Organization. The experience working on state and national quality improvement initiatives sparked her interest in earning a nursing degree. Her interests include enhancing communication amongst health care professionals, examining workflow changes related to information systems and using technology to improve information retrieval.

Medha Piplani, RN, BSN, MSN PhD Student Medha helps us create flawless journal editions

Medha Piplani is pursuing PhD in Nursing from National Consortium, Indian Nursing Council wherein she will be working on Nursing Informatics in Indian Scenario. She has received her Bachelor's and Master's degree from All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, India. She is currently working as Nurse Educator at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi. Her current role definition includes assisting the senior nurse educator in various educational initiatives at the institute like orientation program for nurses, conducting In-service classes, coordination with research activity, conducting recruitment examination and facilitation of other Inter-departmental activities. She has been Course Coordinator for Post Basic Diploma in Critical Care Nursing recognized by Indian Nursing Council and also worked as a clinical instructor at MM University, Ambala. She has contributed as a Co-author to ICU manual on Role of Critical Care Nurse and Burnout Syndrome in Health Care Professionals.