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Inception of OJNIC

OJNIC was created to cultivate and nurture the free Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI) while developing other vital endeavors to enhance nursing informatics. The OJNIC will provide an electronic presence for the dissemination of nursing informatics knowledge and wisdom.


The mission of the OJNIC is to be the premier site for the dissemination and enhancement of nursing informatics information, knowledge, and wisdom. The OJNIC publishes peer-reviewed, original, high quality, scientific papers, review articles, practice-based articles, educational programming, and databases related to nursing informatics designed to empower nurses and ultimately enhance the nursing profession and improve client care.



  • is committed to enhancing nursing knowledge on nursing informatics for nurses working in diverse settings.
  • will provide nurses with an electronic format to share findings, experience, perceptions, knowledge, and wisdom with nursing colleagues involved in all facets of nursing informatics.
  • wants to exploit the power of cyberspace in order to create an electronic nursing informatics community that provides both virtually accessible and timely information about nursing informatics globally.
  • will further enhance the speed of cybercommunications through an expedited editorial process that provides rapid turnaround and publication times.
  • recognizes the importance of both the academic and practice-based perspectives in nursing informatics. Therefore, article submissions will be encouraged from all facets of nursing informatics.
  • is dedicated to meeting the needs of the electronic nursing informatics community and will strive to expand its offerings to meet their evolving needs.
  • is committed to scholarly excellence. Thus, the Journal will maintain a high standard for peer-review, and when necessary, the editorial staff will attempt to provide assistance for authors as a means of eliciting high quality manuscripts suitable for publication.


The OJNIC will:

  • become a self-sufficient non-profit organization receiving support from the nursing informatics community: vendors; organizations; healthcare professionals and institutions.
  • generate enough income to maintain the quality of the journal and keep it free of charge while growing the OJNIC readership, paying salaries, and funding scholarships for nursing informatics students, grants for nursing informatics research, and other vital endeavors.

Keys to Success

  • Quality articles and features
  • Knowledgeable and respected editors
  • Advertising OJNIC and OJNI
  • Engaging website
  • Scholarships
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertisements