This article was written on 01 Jul 2011, and is filled under Volume 15 Number 2.

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Managing the fire hose as a current awareness strategy

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Dr. Jack Yensen
Chief Senior Editor

This article was made possible by an educational grant from
Chamberlain College of Nursing


Yensen, J. (June, 2011). Editorial: Managing the fire hose as a current awareness strategy. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI),15 (2). http://ojni.org/issues/?p=581


I find it difficult to keep up! I have abandoned browsing and random searching, all but given up on RSS aggregation and feed reading, stopped reading many blogs, and thought quietly about walking away from computers altogether.

For years I have been using various devices to aggregate useful resources, or as I call it e-curating and have found Zotero to be useful, along with VUE and CmapTools (for concept-resource mapping). Recently, I discovered a beta for Scoop.it! where curating is made relatively painless and decided to continue curating for some of the courses I teach, namely informatics, pharmacology and pathophysiology in an effort to see if it would support student learning and engagement with the subject matter. I invite all of you to explore the collections so far and feel free to participate, as with many curators we might see emergence and other interesting collective phenomena.

I will keep track of the time I spend e-curating using Scoop.it! (probably minutes per day) and try to estimate the return on time investment in terms of correlated student interest and outcomes in online courses. My conception of learner interaction in a course might lend itself to looking at such outcomes, as shown in this concept map of interacting with content.  In future editorials, I will expand upon construct validity, content validity and strategies for elearning in advanced nursing education, including nurse practitioners and DNP education.

I hope that some of you might be encouraged to undertake a curating activity and report back your results.


Jack Yensen has been involved in online education since 1970, when he first experimented with simulations on mainframes. When personal computers arrived he abandoned (almost) mainframes and time sharing and immersed himself in programming and databases. When networking started to happen, he got involved in very early email and telnet applications, and then realized in 1992 that he could enhance classroom courses and reach students globally using an FTP server to simulate a Web server, when the web first started. Now he has courses and servers and websites all over the place. Every year he visits many campuses and gives presentations and workshops on online or eLearning and shows faculty and staff how to extend courseware functionality (like WebCT and Blackboard), using Java, Flash, HotMedia, streaming audio and video and collaboration or groupware like Teamwave, Webex, & Placeware. He is also a management consultant in healthcare, assisting corporate clients to design and implement virtual universities. Jack has been involved in health and nursing informatics since 1975.

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