OJNI Looking Back: OJNI’s Roots

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Dr. Dee McGonigle, Editor-in-Chief


McGonigle, D. (February, 2011).  Editorial: OJNI Looking Back: OJNI’s Roots. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI),15 (1). http://ojni.org/issues/?p=217


Since you have seen the wonderful new changes to the OJNI format, including the six new expert columns, it is important for us to look back and thank those individuals who have helped us along the way.  Let’s take a moment and thank those people who helped to build this journal.

OJNI was the dream child of Dr. Renee Eggers and myself. Dr. Eggers and I worked diligently to bring OJNI to life in 1996 and launched our first edition in 1997. Without Dr. Eggers’ dedication and leadership, the journal would not exist.

There have been many people who have helped the journal and I do not wish to forget anyone. Dr. Zane Berge and Mauri Collins were the first consultants for the journal. The original Editorial Board consisted of Ms. Maureen Allen, Dr. Betty Chang, Dr. Sheila Englebardt, Dr. Ann Lyness and Dr. Roz Seymour.  Believe it or not, two of the original members are still nurturing the journal today: Dr. Ann Lyness and Dr. Roz Seymour. Dr. Lyness has continued on as a peer reviewer, without her expertise, the journal would not be where it is today! Dr. Roz Seymour was an Editor-in-Charge, peer reviewer and also a member of the Board of Directors.  She continues to be dedicated to the journal and I still rely on her support and wisdom!

The following list of experts formed the initial peer review team:  Gershon Bergeisen MD, MPH, FACPM, M. E. Bester PhD, Bill Burt MSN, RN, Peter Cleasby RN, MN(Hons), MStudEd, BA, Dan Coble MSN, RN, Moya Conrick MClEd, RN, Barbara Cornett PhD, RN, Carol Green-Nigro PhD, ANRP, Maria Hendrickson MSN, RN, MSCS, Judi Hertz PhD, RN, Sharon Holmes BS, RN, Barbara Ihrke MSN, RN, Mike Imholz, BSM, 1Lt, USAF, NC, Carole Kenner RNC, DNS, FAAN, Bonnie McGuire BS, RN, Victoria Schirm PhD, RN, CS, Liz Palena BS, RN, Barbara Vandecastle MSN, RN and Bruce Wilson PhD, RN (Note: their names and credentials are listed as they appeared in the first edition).

We need to thank all of these informatics pioneers for helping the journal come to fruition!

As we grew, we became a non-profit with the goal of maintaining the quality of the journal while providing free access and recruited a Board of Directors. The non-profit, Online Journal of Nursing Informatics Corporation (OJNIC) was created in 2002 and continues to oversee the operation of OJNI. Mr. Joseph Adams, Dr. Thomas Bice, Mr. Gary Ferraco, Mr. Jim Templin, Dr. Roz Seymour (representing the Editorial Team) and Mr. Blaine Harteg made up the initial Board of Directors for OJNIC. This team helped to move OJNIC forward to develop its strategic plan.

There was a major change in the Board of Directors’ members in 2007.  Dr. Nancy Staggers, Dr. Diane Billings, Dr. Diane Skiba,  June Kaminski (representing the Editorial Team for OJNI) and Dr. Kathryn Bowles accepted positions on the Board. We were thrilled that Dr. Ida Androwich and Ms. Denise Jones joined the Board in 2010 replacing two of our staunch advocates: Dr. Diane Skiba and Dr. Diane Billings. The leadership, support and innovative thinking from this dynamic team of experts, nurtured and enhanced the journal!

I am extremely pleased to say that Dr. Nancy Staggers and Dr. Kathryn Bowles have remained on the Board with Ms. Denise Jones and Dr. Ida Androwich; we are delighted to announce that Dr. Jack Yensen will represent the Editorial Team of OJNI on the Board of Directors.  We are relying on them to continue to cultivate the OJNI!

We need to thank all of these informatics innovators for helping the journal to grow and flourish!

Thank you!


Dee McGonigle received her baccalaureate degree in nursing from Penn State University, a master’s degree in nursing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and her doctorate in Foundations of Education from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a Professor of Nursing in the MSN Online Program at Chamberlain College of Nursing, a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and the Editor-in-Chief of the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI). She is actively involved in integrating active and collaborative learning strategies into traditional as well as on-line courses. Dr. McGonigle is interested in the educational impact of the human-technology interface. She is committed to the insightful analysis of ethical dilemmas brought on by this volatile information age.

Dr. McGonigle has co-authored a textbook, Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge that was published by Jones and Bartlett in August of 2008 and a second text on teaching with technology is in progress. She is a consultant to the Hartford Center grant at University Park and has developed a doctoral level course on teaching with technology, assisted with the recruitment videos and moderates the Hartford Center Radio Shows. She is searching for a way to facilitate translation by helping those who know (researchers) and those who do (clinicians) communicate and share. Dr. McGonigle’s current area of interest is in the diffusion of innovative technologies, especially those impacting learning.

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