Talking About Technology*

Dr. Roz Seymour and Dr. Dee McGonigle

Seymour, R. & McGonigle, D. (February 2004). Talking About Technology* Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI). Vol. 8, No. 2. [Online]. Available at

Dr. Seymour asks: “Do manufacturers and retailers have other plans for our cell phones?”

You need to go shopping for your office. You walk into your local computer wonderland and your cell phone begins to beep. You have crossed the threshold and your phone is communicating with this retailer. The information in your record is then searched and within seconds, the retailer’s machine has communicated to your phone the sale items that could be of interest to you based on your actual home and/or office equipment. As you scan the list of items, one catches your eye. The new optical plug in for your computers is available. Since you have two computers, you wonder if they would give you an additional discount for purchasing two. You submit your voice mail proposal and within seconds, the new discount appears. You agree to the purchase price.

Once you have finished selecting all of your items by scanning your phone over their scanning pods, you go to the Purchasing Station (PS) which was the former cashier. You place your phone over the scanner, within seconds you have credit card approval and take one step to the counter where your purchases are bagged and waiting. Off you go.

The future is approaching….

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