Time to Reflect

By Dr. Dee McGonigle


McGonigle, D (February, 2005). Editorial: Time to Reflect. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), Vol. 9, No. 1 [Online]. Available at http://ojni.org/8_1/dee.htm

I have been taking time to reflect on the current state of nursing informatics and OJNI. It is hard to imagine that we are beginning our eighth publishing cycle. As I focus on this milestone, it becomes ever so important to recognize the efforts of those who make OJNI happen. The Editorial Team must be commended! The Editors-in-Charge generously donate their expertise and time not only to create the scholarly editions of OJNI but to keep it as a free resource to the nursing profession and specifically the Nursing Informatics community. Dr. Yensen is responsible not only for his scholarly contributions but also for our Web site -- launching and maintaining each edition. Dr. Seymour's scholarly input is invaluable; she reviews manuscripts and maintains our Talking about Technology column. Dr. Englebardt and Ms. Lewis provide scholarly contributions as well as functioning as reviewers. Our newest member of the team, Ms. Kaminski has provided her first interesting editorial for you and we welcome her scholarly input. The Contributing Editors help to round out our team. Our newest members are Dr. Sackett and Dr. Erdley. They are the first dyad to maintain a Contributing Editor position. The reviewers and proofreaders are also essential components of OJNI! They are a great team and I must thank each and everyone of them for keeping OJNI a reality as an ever evolving presence in the Nursing Informatics community. They make my job easier and fun! We would not have OJNI without their scholarship and support!

I would also like to thank you, the reader. You have continued to read our journal and contribute your knowledge and experience. I challenge you to continue to submit your manuscripts, apply for membership in our Editorial Team, participate in the logo contest (see below) and help us evolve and grow.

There are so many people to thank. I do not want to omit anyone so please take a moment to access the Editorial Team pages since each member of this wonderful cast should be applauded!

Note: We are conducting a Logo Contest. Please submit your rendition of what the OJNI logo should be there are prizes check out OJNI's home page for details! Dee McGonigle.