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Submitted by Dr Roz

Lately I have been focusing much of my reading in realms less than technological as in the brains Logical Levels of thought processing which refers to the brain processing information in chunks or levels. The chunks are processed from the very general to the very specific or vice versa.

The most recent work in logical levels suggests that there are seven logical levels at which our brain processes information: 1) Environment (where and when), 2) Behavior (what), 3) Capability (how), 4) Beliefs/values/attitudes (Why), 5) Choice (which), 6) Identity (who), and 7) Spirituality (who else).

It is becoming clear that the computer is being more and more designed as a mimic of all of these processes. It just takes a brain longer to process large ideas and reduce them to the meat of the issues or small ideas and integrate them into patterns. The neat thing about our brains that computers lack, and will forever lack I hope, is that our brain has a predictable way of processing this information that relates not only to the experience of thinking but also to the experience of being.

Another interesting comparison with us and computers is this: whether we are conscious of it or not we are always choosing. When we are quiet it is by choice. Think about how common it is for people to not recognize that they are choosing and also not to recognize that all behaviors have consequences, whether we notice them or not. So change has consequences but so does no change. We do this choosing at each of the logical levels whether we know it or not.

Mindfully, consciously, choosing at all Logical Levels to be greater than our experiences, will be what defines us as separate from those predicted to be decision making robots of the future. Well this was meant to be by way of an editorial introduction to this issue's Talk About Technology Section, and so be it.

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