Editorial: Functional Nursing Information Systems


Dee McGonigle, Editor-in-Chief

McGonigle, D. (February, 2003). Editorial: Functional Nursing Information Systems. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI). Vol. 7, No. 1. [Online] Available at http://ojni.org/7_1/dee.htm

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Nursing informatics is evolving continuously. The delivery of nursing care is becoming more and more dependent on the availability of functional information systems. Nursing care of the future will rely on the ability of the nursing information system to facilitate diagnosis, care management, research, education, information exchange, and collaboration. The infrastructures that will enable this progress are still being defined, created, and refined. We must catalyze and foster creativity and visionary thought to create systems that will advance and support our practice and our patients.

Nursing information systems must be considered from an ecological viewpoint stressing a human-centered technological base. This interrelationship between the system and its environment is paramount. We must have operating systems, interfaces, and equipment that foster usage and facilitate our journey into the future.

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