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Wireless Technologies: An Overview


Karen D. King, RDH, MHeD


Roz Seymour, EdD, RN, CS


Karen D. King, RDH, MHeD

Dr. King is the director of the BS Completion Program Online in Dental Hygiene.  This program is scheduled to launch in Fall 2001.  I have designed the curriculum, am currently preparing the instructional design and will build the courses online.  This project will also include the training of other department faculty to utilize the software and be able to teach the courses offered in this curriculum. Currently our university is using Blackboard as a course delivery tool.


Roz Seymour, EdD, RN

Rosalee Seymour, known by her peers and students as Dr. Roz, graduated from the Hahnemann Hospital Diploma program in Philadelphia, PA. She began her career as a staff and operating room nurse. Dr. Seymour received her BSEd with a minor in public school nursing from West Chester State University and began teaching at Hahnemann. She earned a master of science degree with a focus in mental health nursing from the University of Delaware and became a clinical specialist. Her doctorate is in Educational Leadership and Administration. She has taught at the Diploma, Associate, Baccalaureate Generic and returning RN, and Master's levels. Dr. Seymour has instructed various courses throughout her career, including psychiatric nursing, nursing research, teaching/learning methods, rural health, health informatics, nursing issues, and nursing theory. Dr. Seymour has taught at Hahnemann University, Widener University, Wilmington College, and currently at East Tennessee State University. She was the Executive Director for the Delaware Board of Nursing. She has been an active member of each state nurses' association in which she has resided and will be a delegate to the ANA convention in July, 2000. Dr. Seymour is active in the International Society for Exploring Teaching Alternatives and currently holds the secretarial position for this organization. Her research focus is in teaching/learning and evidence-based care using computers as tools. Dr. Seymour's preferred methodology is Meta-analysis and/or quantitative. She has numerous presentations and publications.