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A Study of Student and Staff Attitudes to IT

Resources and Increasing C & IT in the Curriculum


Rebecca Osselton   BA Hons MSc



Rebecca Osselton completed an MSC in Computing Science, at Newcastle University in 1999. She joined the Faculty of Health, Social Work and Education at the University of Northumbria, in September of the same year. Rebecca became a Research Assistant for the "Networked Learning Environment" (NLE) project funded by the TLTP3 (Teaching and Learning Technology Programme-Phase 3). The "NLE" was a project to implement a web based learning platform, originally developed by the Medical School of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The project completed in May 2001, and in September 2001, she moved to the School of Computing and Mathematics in the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology, as a Research Associate. Rebecca is currently researching the area of learning technologies and developing various educational multi-media tools for use by the academic staff.