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    Wireless Technologies: An Overview


                     Karen D. King, RDH, MHeD


Roz Seymour, EdD, RN, CS



        Wireless communication is bringing fundamental changes to data networking and telecommunication.  Broadband wireless networks, wireless LAN's, mobile radio networks and cellular systems, combine to produce mobile computing and communications anytime, anywhere.  With current wireless technologies we have the capability of reaching virtually every location on the earth.  Wireless telephony and messaging services have led the way into the domains of personal and business computing (Microtimes, 2000)  The rapid growth and deployment of wireless technology has encouraged these authors to  review the literature and attempt to answer  the questions, posed by Littman (1998): 1) what are the technical fundamentals of wireless technology, 2) how are wireless networks used, 3) what are some applications for wireless technologies, 4) what are the advantages and disadvantages of using wireless technology, 5) are wireless technologies attainable and pragmatic and, how will wireless technology impact the learning, health, and business environments?  This report  examines and discusses each of these questions.