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How Prepared are Graduate Nurses to Embrace the Information Technology Revolution in Australian University Teaching?  


Dianne Pelletier  RN, BScN, Dip Ed, BEdStud, MSciSoc, FCN(NSW), FRCNA




        Like many other countries, Australia is introducing Information Technology (IT) into the universities to support teaching and into the clinical environments as well. Many Australian nurses are studying nursing at the graduate level and it is not known how well prepared or willing they are to take up the technological opportunities or challenges inherent in the new on-line teaching and learning initiatives.  This paper reports on the results of a survey of 264 graduate nursing students across a range of computer use issues. These results may offer some insight into the nature of nursing graduate students.  The results may influence decisions about  the speed and nature of nurse academics’  adoption of IT options.  Some may ask if academics can afford to wait to encourage graduate students to develop their IT skills as effective use of IT is increasingly recognised as fundamental to effective information management.       

Key Words

nurses’ computer use; attitudes to computers; on-line teaching; graduate education and computers