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Comparison of APA Writing Software


Marilyn Stoner, RN, PhD


Appendix A

Internet Sites with APA Assistance

Dr. Russ Dewey’s APA Page     http://www.ldl.net/~bill/apatwo.htm


Purdue University Writing Lab  http://owl.english.purdue.edu/

Bill Borst, Troy State University : http://www.ldl.net/~bill/aparev.htm

Microsoft Template Gallery: http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/TemplateGallery/default.asp 

Source for discounted software - Academic Superstore: http://www.Academic Superstore.com  (Prices were equal to the manufacturer's website)

Appendix B

To create your own template in Word:

 1)    Click on File, New, Create template (lower right corner)

2)    Click Ok

3)    A blank screen comes up and you can start formatting your won template.

4)    For double spacing:

5)    Click format, paragraph, line spacing: double, ok

6)   For a header click on view, header/footer, a popup window appears. Click on control R for right justification, add in 2-3 word heading, press space bar 5 times for proper spacing, then click on the icon for insert page number, then close.

7)  Move through this document adding other formatting, such as a reference and appendix page heading until you are done.

8)   When you are done, click on save and the file is saved in the templates folders with the name your select.