Security                        by Dr. Roz Seymour

Here are a few simple things you can do to safeguard your privacy:

SURF SECRETLY Start surfing or searching at silentsurf.com or anonymizer.com. These two sites let you move around the net anonymously and prevent sites from collecting information about your net habits.

JUST SAY NO Go to [doubleclick.net/company_info/about_doubleclick/privacy/privacy2.htm] opt out of their program linking yours as clicks to your interests.

BUILD A WALL if you have a cable modem or DSL line install a firewall program (one is Norton Personal Firewall). No one will be able to hack into your computer.

TEST YOUR MACHINES VULNERABILITY Take the Shields Up diagnostic test at [grc.com], software developer Gibson has a free online test for you to use.

BLOCK ADS go to JUNKBUSTERS and get Guidescope, this blocks cookie-dropping banner ads and speeds up your surfing.

BE PARANOID use software such as Tweak UI to clear your tracks automatically every time you log onto Windows. Donít know if you have Tweak UI -- click start, settings, control panel and look for Tweak UI icon. Donít have Tweak UI try CNET.download.com.