Statistics 1.1






Statistics 1.1


Continuing Education Opportunities

We are very excited to provide you with the opportunity to receive free CEs from NursingCEU just for reading OJNI! NursingCEU will provide OJNI with one free CE offering per edition. Yes, you have read that correctly - FREE - offered to our readers free on our site. We will kick-off the free CE offerings with the four course statistics series. You will be able to take each of the four statistics courses over the next 4 editions of OJNI. 

The first course, Statistics 1.1 is included here! Stay tuned for the next edition when we will feature Statistics 1.2. It is our intention to begin with the statistics courses while informatics coursework is being developed. If you would like to participate in this online educational adventure as a reviewer or course developer, please contact Dr. Dee McGonigle.