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Web Site Evaluation

In this section, we will provide evaluations of web sites for you. If you would like to contribute to this area, please contact Dr. Dee McGonigle.

The websites below were assessed by two of our editors and are listed here as examples of interesting sites. These citations are not examples of website evaluations. 


Websites of Merit


            This site has patient-centered guides with click-print fact sheets.



            The American College Health Association is Online. This organization has been in existence for approximately 80 years, has a membership of over 900 institutions of higher education, and serves over 2,500 individual college healthcare providers.



            Medlink is describes as the web portal to Internet medical resources. The topical arrangement includes informatics, evidence, guidelines, journals, drugs, EBM tools, search, news, cardiology, and others.



            Radiological Society of North America, Inc. is online and has a membership that includes over 30,000 radiologists, physicists, and associated scientists.



            This site contains information related to Citation, a bibliographic database system that was designed by academics for academic research and writing.



            A terrific site that contains the search engines available globally indexed by country.



            If you are planning a web expedition then this is where you should begin your journey. This page can help you get to web destinations quickly.



            Contains a multitude of quotes and they are adding new quotes daily.



            Labeled the Motivation Mecca of the web, this site contains self-improvement newsletter links as well as motivational and inspirational quotes.



An interesting paper written by John Unsworth and entitled The Importance of Failure. (The Journal of Electronic Publishing, December, 1997. Volume 3, Issue 2, ISSN 1080-2711).



            Nursing communities is a US-based site for nurses.



            Nursing Review is an Australia-based site for nurses and it is the only national newspaper dealing exclusively with issues and information pertinent to nurses and the nursing profession



This page contains an article written by Mariva H. Aviram and entitled Analyze your Website Traffic.