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Tantalizing Talk About Technology

In this section we will have a brief overview of the implementation of anything new, wired or not, along with how it is being used. Often we will have Web site critiques for your use in this section. If you have a good web site, use our critique format and submit it for publication to this section.

We would like to challenge you and be challenged by you! Stay tuned as this section blossoms....

Clinician Reviews, Volume 10, Number 6, page 20 
"Managed Care Organization to pay for On-Line Consults Chicago,
Ill.-first Health Group Corp, a preferred provider organization in
Illinois, plans to pay a $25 reimbursement fee to physicians who e-mail
messages with "clinical content" to their patients. Patients in first
Health's "24/7" chronic care support program must first visit the
company's Web site (www.firsthealth.com) and set up a Web page to
receive messages. The program already has 300,000 enrolled participants.
Among interactions the company has defined as on-line clinical contact
are answering questions patient's pose about their condition and
analyzing blood sugar readings e-mailed by patients"