Dee McGonigle PhD, RNC, LCCE, FACCE

Renee M. Eggers PhD

Dr. Dee McGonigle

Dr. McGonigle is an Associate Professor of Nursing at Penn State University and a Flex-Time Perinatal Nurse/Educator in the Maternal/Child Program at Forbes Regional Hospital. She began teaching the importance of computer integration to nursing students over 10 years ago. Since that time, her courses have evolved to include informatics components while focusing on the human-technology interface. Dr. McGonigle currently teaches both undergraduate and graduate nursing students. Her courseload continues to include the traditional continuing education and credit courses. However, she has also moved out of the traditional classroom setting and into the cyberspatial educational arena of virtual coursework.

Dr. McGonigle believes that this journal is situated where nursing informatics media should be -- in cyberspace. This is an attempt to provide a virtual information resource as well as another avenue for publication.

Dr. Renee M. Eggers

Dr. Eggers holds an earned doctorate in curriculum and instruction, with an emphasis in instructional technology. She started working with nursing students about 13 years ago. Her work with the nursing students began with assisting those students in preparing for anatomy, physiology, and state licensure exams, but her interests changed to the area of nursing informatics.

Dr. Renee M. Eggers is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Instructional Design and Technology at Emporia State University. In addition to teaching undergraduate courses, she also teaches core courses in the Department's graduate program.

Currently, Dr. Eggers serves as the President for the Division of Learning and Performance Environments (DLPE) of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). She is also very much interested in distance education and technology planning. Besides being Co-Editor of OJNI, she is also the co-founder, and she is the technology expert for OJNI.