Editor's Message


Hello Nursing Informatics Enthusiasts (OJNI subscribers)!

Welcome to the new format for OJNI. The Editorial Board has decided to re-create OJNI as a topically focused e-journal. We will still publish submitted articles of high quality that are relevant to nursing informatics, but each edition will now have a focus. This edition will focus on the Nursing Interventions Classification and the Nursing Outcomes Classification.

A sampling of the topics to be highlighted in future editions includes the Omaha system and other nursing classification systems, security/confidentiality/privacy issues (potential legislation), electronic patient records, impact of informatics on the 4 areas of nursing (practice, research, education, administration) and social informatics. This is a sampling of the topics to be addressed. If you have expert knowledge in any of these areas or in another area not listed, please submit an article on that topic.

We will also be developing new sections in the journal such as informatics coursework/certification programs, nursing infomatics' groups and Telematic patient education. Remember, your comments are extremely important to us as well and they could help to shape and further refine this journal. Please send your comments to Dr. Dee McGonigle at dxm12@psu.edu and stay tuned since the journal is continuing to evolve….



Dee McGonigle, Editor