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Citation: Rizzolo, M. (February, 2009). Dr. Mary Anne Rizzolo is an esteemed Virtual OJNI Bronze Award Recipient. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), 13, (1). Available at http:ojni.org/13_1/rizzolo.htm


Bronze Award Recipient - Dr. Mary Anne Rizzolo We are honored to give our Bronze Award to Dr. M. Rizzolo

Awarded February 2009
Interim Chief Program Officer and Senior Director, Professional Development
National League for Nursing

Email: mrizzolo@nln.org

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Rizzolo began her career as a faculty member, then director of Learning Resource Centers in associate, baccalaureate and master's degree nursing programs. Her interest in educational technology developed in the early 1980's when personal computers first became available, and she has focused her career on exploring new technologies, determining how they can serve to educate and inform nurses, then operationalizing the delivery of those products in a cost effective manner.

Because of her pioneering efforts in designing and developing interactive videotape programs with an Apple II and a Sony Betamax, Dr. Rizzolo was recruited by the American Journal of Nursing (AJN) Company to manage their Special Projects grant from the federal Division of Nursing (HRSA, DHHS), and developed three patient simulation interactive videodisc programs that won national and international awards and were showcased at the National Library of Medicine and the National Demonstration Laboratory for Interactive Technologies at the Smithsonian. While still at AJN Co., she authored and was Principal Investigator of another Special Projects grant from the Division of Nursing that developed the award-winning AJN Online, one of the first websites in the world that offered continuing education, journal articles, forum discussions on clinical topics, and a variety of other educational and networking opportunities. When AJN Company was sold to Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers, Dr. Rizzolo became Executive Director of NursingCenter.com, a redesigned and expanded version of AJN Online. Since the World Wide Web was "new" at the time, commercial development tools were not yet available. Building NursingCenter.com involved conceptualizing the development of innovative content delivery modes such as webquests, webcasts, a webgame, and "nursing rounds," while managing technology staff and providing the direction and leadership for them to build backend content management systems for the various content areas, as well as the functionality to deliver specific products such as journal course packs, and to manage group accounts. It also required managing marketing staff and determining how to make the website a commercial success through banner ads, sponsorships, digital coupons, partnerships and other advertising opportunities. Dr. Rizzolo's interest has always focused on exploring new technologies, determining how they can serve to educate and inform nurses, then operationalizing the delivery of those products in a cost effective manner.

As senior director of professional development at the NLN, Dr. Rizzolo developed all of the existing professional development offerings with the exception of the Summit. She continues to nourish her passion for technology-related projects through the development of webinars, online "Living Books" for faculty development, and by managing three Laerdal simulation projects, and a federal grant from the Division of Nursing (DHHS, HRSA) for faculty development related to health information technologies.

Dr. Rizzolo was the recipient of Sigma Theta Tau's International Honor Society of Nursing, Region 6 Information Technology Resources Award, received the International Recognition Award for Advancement of Computer Technology in Healthcare from Rutgers University, received a Bronze Award from the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics, was inducted into Seton Hall University's College of Nursing Hall of Honor, was recently honored by Sigma Theta Tau's Gamma Nu chapter for her contributions to nursing, and she is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing.

Dr. Rizzolo has presented over 150 national and international presentations on technology related topics and nursing education. These include presentations at every major nursing organization in the United States (e.g. American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Oncology Nursing Society, Association of Operating Room Nurses, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists), a plenary session at the American Nurses Association and management of their Software Demonstration Theater at the biennial convention, and several presentations at Sigma Theta Tau International, the International Council of Nurses, and the International Improving University Teaching conference.

Dr. Rizzolo served as a grants and contracts reviewer for federal grants funded by the: Division of Nursing Special Projects Grants, National Institutes of Health Infrastructure Grants, and Small Business Innovation Research Grants. She has been a manuscript reviewer for several major nursing journals and a judge in the multimedia category for several international film and video festivals. She served on several committees for the major nursing organizations (e.g. ANA, NLN, STTI), was a member of the Leadership Team of the Nursing Informatics Working Group of the American Medical Informatics Association, represented ANA and AMIA on the Interagency Council on Information Resources for Nursing, was a member of Agency for Health Care Policy and Research Expert Panel on Improving Dissemination to the Continuing Education Communities, and the Advisory Committee for the National Library of Medicine's National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region. In 1997 she was selected as a member of the National Nursing Informatics Work Group that was assembled to identify and prioritize nursing informatics needs and submit recommendations to Congress through the document The National Informatics Agenda for Nursing Education and Practice.