Editorial: Robots roll among us….

Dr. Dee McGonigle



McGonigle, D. (June, 2007). Editorial: Robots roll among us…. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), 11, (2) [Online]. Available at http://ojni.org/11_2/dee.htm



I read a news release about robots with great enthusiasm (EurekAlert, 2007). Robots could be used to gap the shortage of nursing faculty. This could facilitate nursing experts interacting remotely with students as a faculty share program or for those with disabilities or chronic conditions that prohibit them from teaching in a traditional classroom. According to EurekAlert (2007), “This cutting-edge technology makes it possible for nursing faculty with chronic disorders or disabilities to continue to contribute to nursing education. It provides a seasoned workforce faculty with an option to work while on vacation or in retirement from anywhere in the world” (¶3).  


Standing over 5 feet tall, EurekAlert (2007) points out that, “A camera serves as the eyes to capture images of the students that are transmitted to the professor. When in use, the professor’s face is displayed on the robot’s monitor” (¶8). With the monitor located on top, this is a great way to personalize this machine given its stance and interactive capabilities.


The future is upon us and we can see how robots can be integrated into healthcare at many levels. There are more than 100 of these units deployed worldwide. Seems like a first step toward the meaningful incorporation of these robots into health care facilities and academia. As they continue to evolve, perhaps I as a faculty member can have my robot attend that meeting.


This robo-invasion is definitely something I will monitor and would be interested in becoming involved with in the coming years….




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