Will Cyborgs Evolve To Have Their Own Community, Culture And Network?
Dr. Dee McGonigle

McGonigle, D (October, 2006). Editorial: Will Cyborgs Evolve To Have Their Own Community, Culture And Network? Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), 10, (3) [Online]. Available at http://ojni.org/10_3/dee.htm

Have you heard about the new version of the old artificial intelligence (AI) robots -- the embodied and communicating or ECAgents? They are developing their own cognitive skills. This new generation of ECAgents will truly be able to develop their own language. The initial canine cyborgs can interact by telling each other the position of a ball and asking one dog to fetch it. They can even indicate if the ball is moving or not. This innate language capability could end up infiltrating our world in profound ways. What if our tools could communicate with each other to enhance our professional lives? Patient care could be enhanced by EC cyborgs. Our PDAs and monitors could dialogue with each other. If the monitor told the PDA that the patient was in distress, the PDA could alert the nurse and place the call to the physician on its own. The PDA would provide the nurse with all of the necessary information related to the patient’s condition from its databases. Based on the monitored information, the pharmacy or other areas could also be notified to obtain necessary treatments for the prescribed interventions. We could be surrounded by smart, collaborative and cooperative systems.

Will these cyborgs evolve to have their own community, culture and network? They can write poems and compose music. Their senses are evolving since they have the ability to smell, see, taste, hear and touch. They can experience emotions, reason, solve problems and learn. If they can truly relate to each other, develop their own language and cognitive skills, will a new culture emerge?

The thought of this advancing technology is exciting even though it is in its neonatal phase. What will it be like in its adolescence? Researchers around the globe will be pushing this hi-tech brain child to maturity.


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