Nursing Information Systems Research & Development Unit (NISRDU)

Paulino Artur Ferreira de Sousa MSN, DNS

Sousa, P. (February, 2006). Invited Report: Nursing Information Systems Research & Development Unit (NISRDU). Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), 10, (1) [Online]. Available at 1/sousa.htm

The Nursing Information Systems Research & Development Unit (NISRDU) contributes to professional, academic and policy development. It is a structure from São João College of Nursing - Porto – Portugal, since 1999, to undertake research in the domain of nursing.


The main goal of the Nursing Information Systems Research & Development Unit is to contribute to the development of nursing practice and nursing education by the promotion and coordination of scientific research on Nursing Information and Documentation Systems.


The main objectives are:

The team:

The elements that incorporate Nursing Information Systems Research & Development Unit are both teachers of São João Nursing College and other Nursing Colleges (private colleges) and nurses from several health care settings.

Nursing Research Unit Programme of Research

Our programme of research seeks to address major questions for nursing as part of contemporary health systems. We are concerned with finding out how Nursing care makes the difference, the ways that nurses develop professionally and how they view their work. The impact of establishing new roles and the factors that enable change and innovation in health care practice are important themes of the programme.
Our programme of research has two streams:

In the ICNP domain, our research is guided by cultural validation of the nursing classification and its inclusion in Health / Nursing Information Systems in use.
On the Nursing Information Systems stream, we are focused in conceptual development of the systems, information management, the promotion of continuity of nursing care and patient safety, and data mining.

Some of the developed activities:

To fulfil the mission and the objectives of the NISRDU there have been different activities developed by the elements of the Unit, for instance:

Actually, the NISRDU is embracing an important project: the ICNP® version 1 translation to Portuguese. The result of this work will be useful for the workshop that will be organised by the Nursing National Council with the purpose of its publication. This translation will provide nurses with the opportunity of continuity of use of the ICNP® in their practice and there can be further evaluating and testing of the ICNP® in Portugal.

These are the points of view of our Research team. We work collaboratively with policy, academic, professional and service user partners in designing, undertaking and disseminating research that will inform policy, provide solutions to Nursing Information Systems and build evidence about workforce innovation.

Author Bio:

Paulino Artur Ferreira de Sousa MSN, DNS

Dr. Sousa has a Master and Doctoral Degree in Nursing Science. He is a Lecturer in Nursing and Coordination Professor at the São João College of Nursing – Porto. Dr. Sousa is also the Coordinator of the NISRDU.